I’ve been sewing since I was five. My Mum put me on her lap at her sewing machine at least in part to keep me quiet – I’d stand at her side, offering running commentary on the excellence of her sewing. (Yes, I was a connoisseur on fine fabrics and craft at a very early age!) With my own Little one, I’m beginning to understand Mum’s approach: if Little One had her way, I would be sewing all day, every day, simply to bring her ideas and instructions to life.

Most of my recent sewing has been a combination of creating gifts for friends & family that immortalise her drawings, as well as creating garments that set my imagination alight.

Sewing brings me peace, joy and happiness, at least until it doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to. If you’ve ever been frustrated that a sewing project isn’t working the way you thought it would, then you’re in good company. Figuring out how to fix a mistake, how to create an effect that you’ve set your heart on, or patiently un-picking your latest sewing is part and parcel of sewing. (Mind you, I’m not so sure about sweatshops, but then we all know about the quality of their products…)

Where other women buy outfits (and shoes) that they never wear, I have garments that I couldn’t resist creating, but then never got the opportunity to wear. So many of my creations have been outlandish, oh-so-posh, wacky, or just plain gorgeous. As I don’t have a movie star lifestyle, most of them have been created simply for the love of the process – and then they end up sitting alongside each other like shy girls at a disco. So now I’m going to share my passion for sewing and for the creative process, so that these creations can be worn, used and loved.

Sewing isn’t work – it’s play. The process of turning flat pieces of fabric and some thread into a beautiful new creation is simply magical. This journey is about sharing that magic.