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Rainbow Organza

What a week!! Great moments have come bundled with one or two little teething niggles, rescued only by severe doses of caffiene and chocolate 😀 I’ve had little moments of feeling like a true artisan – some of the materials I’ve worked with have been brilliant, and responded so beautifully to being crafted into something new.

I’ve re-discovered that half of the art of great sewing is being sympathetic to the fabric you’re working with – going with the way the fabric will naturally fall or fold gives a much better end result than trying to force it. I’ve had to remember to allow some flexibility in the way the final products look, giving some scope to be sympathetic to the grain, the tension and the feel of the fabric. Those of you who’ve known me for a few years will (I’m sure) start looking up the number for the men in white coats – what on earth am I talking about “being sympathetic with your working materials”?! I’m hoping someone who’s known me longer than 10 years (Hi Mum!), will stand up for me when the men in white coats start visiting me.

In a way, this business is allowing me to return to myself – to the creative part of me that hasn’t had scope to stretch her legs since I was a teenager. Hopefully, I’ve wised up to a little bit over the intervening years, and know a little bit more about money and they way a business works. The aim is, of course, to make this a profitable business.

Mixed in with the good have been the “oh no” times. We ran out of groceries in the middle of the week – literally!! The delivery man didn’t come when he should have, and it was only hours later that I realised that I’d forgoten to click “Confirm” on the grocery order at 10pm the previous night. rrr… The local shop owner chuckled quietly to himself at my harried, panick-shop for coffee, bread, milk and fishing line. (Don’t ask – the organza skirts look beautiful, even without it!)

Back in my 9-5 life, I went for a run most mornings before work as a way to maintain my relative sanity. Those men in white coats again…  Now that I make up my own rules, I’m usually working at 5:30 am, which is one of the most productive times of the day for me. Then as the day goes on, I find all sorts of excuses not to run, usually that it’s too cold out there or there’s too much still left to do for the day.

I realised that this was exactly the same trap that we all get caught in, regardless as to who we’re working for or what our job. It hit me that if I didn’t find a routine that allowed me to stay active, I’d end up losing the creativity and energy that comes with regular exercise. So this week, I turned over a new leaf, and promised myself that I’d get back into a regular running routine. It worked brilliantly – until about Wednessday, when my achy legs and self-imposed deadlines conspired against me.


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So now it’s the end of the week, and I think I’m ready for tomorrow’s fair. I haven’t quite managed to get it all to work they way I intended, but I’m too knackered to care much. I’ll start again on Monday. 😀