What a Crazie Idea

Crazie Chameleon

Welcome to Crazie Chameleon – the place where I get to turn my “wacky” into something useful. I have an affinity for the unusual and celebrate and enjoy differences in people and their preferences. This comes out in my craft – each piece is different – is unique. Crazie Chameleon is a channelling of all this maverick energy into something useful, something which gives pleasure – either in owning or in creating something special.

What can you expect from Crazie Chameleon over the next couple of weeks and months?

To start off with, and in the intersests of saving the planet, we can help you with alterations or repairs (or teach you how to do them!) I have a favourite pair of jeans that date back to high school – they’ve had the zip and the button replaced a few times, but they’re now finally worn-in properly. (Aah, you don’t get denim fabric like that these days…) I’ve also lost count of the number of blazers that I’ve tailored to fit properly into the waistline. In time I’ll also add a You-Tube channel where I’ll show you how you can do the most common DIY repairs yourself.

To help you decide whether or not I’m any good at this sewing malarkey, I’ve created a Gallery which we will grow and expand together. I’m also cooking up a scheme to create a line of upcycled clothing and gifts – hopefully in time to help you a little with your Christmas shopping. I’ll also be creating tutorials and selling patterns for the gifts I create, so that you can have a go yourself.

An important part of Crazie Chameleon is the love of sewing and a passion for fine fabrics. We’ll get to indulge in our opinons on fine fabrics, outfits and gift ideas together. I’m sure your ideas will be different to mine, and that’s a difference we can enjoy. I’ll tell you about my next project(s) on Facebook, and ask your opinion on which blend of fabrics will work best together, or what you’d like to see created from any random piece of fabric that I’m not sure what to do with yet.

If you’re interested in learning more about sewing (whether it’s machine sewing or hand embroidery), please let me know what you’re interest the Crazie Chameleon Sewing Lesson survey, so that I can tailor the sewing courses to suit you. Of course if you want to start sewing now, or just want a quick refresher on how to get something done, please get in touch. I’m more than happy to help you get started.

Finally, I believe in capturing and cherishing the small things (and the small people) in our lives. In my gallery, you’ll see gifts that look as though a child has had a hand in their creation – that’s because they have! There is something special about taking a child’s drawing, and immortalising it in fabric. To date these gifts have been ad-hock, but I’ll be creating a line of personalised gifts that are designed to have your child’s drawing embedded in them. All you’ll need to do is decide what item you want, and then scan (or photograph?) your child’s picture, and then let me do the rest for you. (If your child is anything like mine, I suspect you’ll be asked to send instructions through for just how they want it to look at the end :)  ) If you can’t wait that long, please get in touch – I’ll be more than happy to create something for you on a bespoke basis.

Now we get to my favourite bit – dreaming up the perfect outfit for that special occasion. Whether you’re planning your next ball gown, prom dress or wedding dress, come and talk to me. I’ll happily listen to your plans and dreams, and then give you a no-obligation quote to tailor a dress to your unique shape. I’m offering 50% discount off my time on ball gowns, wedding dresses and prom dresses until the end of December 2014. (That means you’ll pay cost price for the fabric, and half the price for the time I put in to creating your dream outfit.) All you have to do is ask me for a no-obligation quote, and mention that you saw the discount on my website.

So there you have it – Crazie in a nutshell. Over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading the shop with gifts, and I’ll also be selling some of my garment creations (just in time for Chrismas Dinners) to raise business capital to grow the business.